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Florida Pastor Arrested for Abusing Minors in Police Raid
Paul Dyal, a 78-year-old pastor in Jacksonville, Florida, was arrested earlier this year after a police raid nabbed him and two others. 68-year-old Jerome Teschendorf and 85-year-old Vernon Williamson were each arrested in Oklahoma in the same sting. It was back in September of 2020 that the Sherif…
The Pope Makes Impotent Gesture Regarding the War in Ukraine
The Pope Makes a half-hearted gesture regarding the war in Ukraine; Ukrainians protest. The Catholic Church missteps on ethics, yet again.
Priest Arrested and Accused of Sexual Assault Caught on Video by Facebook Group
A priest was caught on video trying to assault two children. Watch the video here.
A Woman Has Been Ordained as a Priest in New Mexico, Much to the Catholic Church’s Outrage
Ms. Tropeano now calls herself “Father Anne” and she had gone to Theology school in California, before becoming a kinda-sorta-official-unofficial priest in New Mexico.
Florida Pastor Arrested in Undercover Florida Human Trafficking Sting
The sting took a total of 20 days and, just like the show, To Catch a Predator, the Deputies sometimes pretended to be underage people, sparking up conversations with the suspects in the hopes that the suspects would try to steer the conversation down a path it shouldn’t go.
Florida Pastor Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges After Choking and Beating a Woman
A Florida pastor named Damion Orlando Archat was arrested on domestic violence charges after an altercation in which he allegedly attacked a woman in her car. Archat is a social media micro-influencer with a professional-enough-looking Instagram page where he says he gives out relationship advice.
Priest Placed on Leave After TikTok Videos Go Viral
A priest has been placed on leave after his TikTok account has gone viral with videos posted that some deem offensive. In one video, the priest is seen holding back his laughter as a series of various pop songs play, such as Another One Bites the Dust by Queen and