Priest Placed on Leave After TikTok Videos Go Viral

Priest Placed on Leave After TikTok Videos Go Viral

A priest has been placed on leave after his TikTok account has gone viral with videos posted that some deem offensive. In one video, the priest is seen holding back his laughter as a series of various pop songs play, such as Another One Bites the Dust by Queen and Highway to Hell by AC/DC.

The joke?

The priest said these were the songs he'd play at a funeral mass.

Come to think of it, as much as I don’t think AC/DC is a great band, it might be a breath of fresh air for a lot of people who dread the stuffy nature of funerals in general.

In another post, he replied to another TikTok user and told her, “Pineapple does not go on pizza, b—-, and carrots do not go in cake, okay?”

In another post, he said, proudly, that it was “thirsty Thursday,” and went on to say it’s “half past pub time,” making drinking noises, “Glug, glug, glug, glug, beer. Nice.”

The man, a curate named Michael King, of Gort, Co Galway, Ireland, is 44 years old and seems to be quite the spunky Irishman with just the kind of sense of humor the Catholic Church deems too offensive for anyone among their ranks.

While the offending videos have since been taken down, you can catch a glimpse of this former amateur actor and bartender in action in the video below.

#duet with @discomic

♬ Originalton - Lin. Erdbeer

The best part of all of this?

His direct superior, Bishop Kelly, had to issue a groveling apology for the priest’s (awesome) behavior, saying, “I fully understand that you feel hurt and let down at this time.”

And that kind of sums it up, doesn’t it? People who can’t laugh at TikTok jokes are precisely what’s wrong with religions of the world today, religions who take themselves far too seriously and have stripped the humanity from everything they claim to represent.

Apparently, priests aren't allowed to have wickedly funny TikTok channels.

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