Priest Caught on VIDEO: Arrested for Attempted Sexual Assault on a Minor

A priest was caught on video trying to assault two children. Watch the video here.

Priest Caught on VIDEO: Arrested for Attempted Sexual Assault on a Minor

After centuries of horrific problems, it's a complete mystery why anyone would feel comfortable leaving their children in the hands of creeps.

Rev. Gregory F. Loughney, a 42-year-old man from Pennsylvania, was arrested in October 2021 for attempted sexual assault.

If convicted, the shameful priest might be forced to register as a sex offender for 10 years under Megan's Law, a law that makes information about sex offenders public.

Loughney was caught by a local Pennsylvania Facebook group called 570 Predator Catchers, a group that tracks down predators and brings them to justice.

The Facebook group lured him in by pretending to be a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old child. The man agreed to meet the "children" for dinner, cookies, and eventually what would've been statutory rape.

Instead, after stopping by a Wawa, Loughney was confronted by members of the 570 Predator Catchers group. His shocked response was caught on video.

The evidence was later turned over to the police who arrested Loughney and charged him with attempted indecent assault of a child under 16, attempted statutory sexual assault, attempted corruption of minors, and criminal use of a communication facility.

The (former) Priest actually called the police on himself, but only at the insistence of the group members. The video (below) is 28:46 seconds long and it begins in the Wawa store where the lead group member confronts the Priest on camera.

A scrimmage ensues and the man behind the camera insists Loughney is there to meet young boys, a charge he denies at first. The two men eventually take the conversation outside where Loughney begs the cameraman not to call the police.

But the group member insists he must be held accountable and eventually, at the suggestion of the group members, the former priest calls the police on himself.

The video is a shocking portrayal of a man caught in a trap in the midst of thinking he was going to predate young children. Just a heads up, some of the language used in the video might be upsetting to some viewers, though the exchange is surprisingly cordial.

Gregory F. Loughney is presumed innocent until proven guilty and he has not been brought to trial yet, but this evidence is pretty damning.

Ironic, isn't it? A priest is damned by vigilantes from a Facebook group.

What's telling (and predictable) is that the priest seems only concerned with himself. He merely pays lip service to the two fictional children he was allegedly hellbent on assaulting.

Let's hope justice is served.

Thanks for reading and watching.

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