Pope Makes Impotent Gesture Regarding the War in Ukraine

Pope Makes Impotent Gesture Regarding the War in Ukraine

The Catholic Church is doing what the Catholic Church does best: making empty gestures to feign concern about egregious wrongs. The only difference is, usually, they're the ones perpetrating the wrongs.

This time, Russia is the aggressor, and Ukraine is the victim.

The Pope intends to conduct a half-hearted symbolic gesture that reeks of "both sides" nonsense by asking a Ukrainian woman and a Russian woman to both carry the cross together during the upcoming Good Friday procession.

In the name of intellectual honesty, I will say that the Pope has spoken out against the war in the past, calling it a "war of aggression against Ukraine" and declaring it "inhuman and sacrilegious."

-slow clap-

However, the Pope also declared that "forces of evil" are to blame, returning to the age-old scapegoat from the Middle Ages: Satan.

All I can think of is this meme:

The Catholic Church, and all Christendom, for that matter, is like that person who has quite a few really weird beliefs. And whenever you try to correct them, they just double down. You can show them all the evidence in the world and they'll just warp and mangle it so their preexisting beliefs are avenged and proven right.

Christian dogma is the worst case of cognitive dissonance that's ever existed. It's lasted for over 2,000 years already.

They keep getting proven wrong again, and again, and again and they keep insisting on maintaining their antiquated, bronze-age ideology, complete with snakes talking to naked women, miracles, the hippie zombie who got crucified by the Romans, you know, the works. It's just absurd.

When are we going to collectively realize that this delusion is just that? It's a multi-millennia delusion that's gotten way out of hand.  

Back to the symbolic gesture on Good Friday. Perhaps it might be better to have the Ukrainians lead the shindig? After all, it's they whose country has been invaded spontaneously by a much larger foe.

I understand why the Ukrainians are upset and protesting. It's as if my neighbor just waltzed over and punched me in the face for no reason. Then the following day, the Pope shows up and asks us to do a parade together, holding hands, being buddies.

It seems the old "turn the other cheek" advice isn't that practical, after all, is it?

It seems that even the most appreciable moral snippets from the Bible fail to hold up to scrutiny in the modern world. I hope to see a day when these bronze-aged fictions are tossed into the dustbin of history, but I won't hold my breath.

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