Florida Pastor Arrested for Abusing Minors in Police Raid

Florida Pastor Arrested for Abusing Minors in Police Raid

Paul Dyal, a 78-year-old pastor in Jacksonville, Florida, was arrested earlier this year after a police raid nabbed him and two others. 68-year-old Jerome Teschendorf and 85-year-old Vernon Williamson were each arrested in Oklahoma in the same sting.

It was back in September of 2020 that the Sheriff's office received a tip about sexual abuse going on within the church. The Sheriff then conducted an investigation and found that both sexual and physical abuse had been taking place at the church for roughly 30 years.

Paul Dyal is the senior pastor of The Jacksonville Assembly of The Body of Christ, where he's been the pastor for decades. He's traveled the world and shared his beliefs , giving talks as a minister to 48 United States and 20 countries outside the US.

As the judge in his case says below, he faces up to life imprisonment if convicted.

All three men are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, under American Constitutional law. Soon, they'll each have their days in court.

As of April 15h, 2022, both Paul Dyal and Vernon Williamson have pled not guilty to their charges.

Questions continue to swirl in the minds of aghast onlookers as we try to figure out what the link is between churches of all denominations and sexual and physical abuse. It seems far too widespread to be just a coincidence.