About Satan Everything

Is it a gag? A meme? Or serious business? Like all things Satanic, Satan Everything is a mix of all of the above. We don't take ourselves too seriously...until it's time to get serious. And we'll let you know when that time comes.

How about this, instead of defining ourselves, we'll let you define us, cool?

Interpret what you find here however thou wilt!

Jokes aside, our goal is to hold religious parties accountable for their actions while maintaining the separation of church and state in America, and fighting for the separation of church and state in countries that don't have it yet.  

Religious liberty includes freedom from religion and this is something that's often forgotten in our discussions about what religious freedom truly means. Without secularism, we fear that society will descend into one where the passionately religious among us impose an arbitrary morality upon us without our consent.

We cannot let that happen.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support.

We sincerely appreciate all of it.

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